Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Proud to be who you are(positive only)

For few days watching strong heart  SS501 bias of course, when Hyun jun maknae after life want to be Hyung joong leader. Seem like he realy adore his leader for his ability to get so much attention from others. Poor Hyun joon maknae, why would you want to be someone else while you really talented, energetic and his good looking standout together with other members in SS501. 

SS501 - from left Jung Min,Hyun jun,Hyun joong,Young saeng,kyu jong.Cr google

 Some people might think if they could be someone else their life way much better. We often judge others by their surface without knowing the reality. What we see only 10% of others, remaining only we, ourselves, the owner of the body know much better. 


  1. i think of the reasons must be because hyun joong is much more successful these days.. =)